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Connected to the Baltic exchange and International Bunker market, we have ready access to concluded shipping business giving us a bird’s eye view of the international shipping scene. We offer the following services:

  Dry cargo chartering (bulk and bagged cargo)

  Freight management

  Arrangement of long-term COAs

  Competitive brokerage of bulk and bagged commodities

Value-added services

  Protective agency of Owners’ husbandry items

  Supply of bunkers

  Arrangement of crew transfers

  Cash to Master

  Connecting ship’s spares on board

  Legal assistance to Owners/Charterers

  Port representation and surveys

Trading activities

In addition to ship chartering and operations our office is also fully capable of supplying the following commodities in containers and break bulk.
  Bagged rice

  Bagged opc in 50 kg bags and jumbo bags of 2 mt pre- slung.

  Bulk opc clinkers

  Bulk oilseeds

  Bagged sugar

The above can be supplied in quantities ranging from 5000 mt to 30000 mt as we enjoy a very cordial and close business relationship with all major trading houses of international repute.

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Address : B/29, block 13, Gulshan e Iqbal
Karachi ,Pakistan
Cell: + 92 301 8249192